Thursday, April 30, 2009


I have to confess...... I have been posting everything I was here on my facebook. Not sure if I have any readers on here anymore. It got to where I felt like my only readers were my husband, brother and sister in law. so since they are all on Facebook I figured why waste my time with a blog too.
The other day I signed on to here and figured I wanted to read all of my previous blog posts before deleting my entire blog and closing it down. So as I sat here and read all of my old posts, tears came pouring I mean pouring down my face when I got to this time last year. that was when we lost my grandma. I couldn't make myself delete my blog as I am not ready to delete that portion of my life yet. I did find it very comforting though to read the old posts and find that I am healing. I still miss her everyday and can cry a good cry here and there but I have come a long way!!
That day I also realized that I kind of miss writing a blog about what's going on. So between the 2 factors, I am going to continue to keep my blog open. I am going to give it an honest effort to start blogging on a regular basis again. Even if I only have 3 readers!

ok ok let's get off this blog Vacation I have been on!....

Here's some random stuff.....

1. 4 weeks from today I will be enjoying a 2nd honeymoon with my husband on a floating buffet around the Hawaiian Islands!
2. On that trip I will quench my lifelong desire to have a massage ocean side!
3. around that same time I will have a son who will be out of the 1st grade and ready for 2nd grade!!!!
4. my husband is off school for a few weeks so we are all enjoying him being around more and not having homework!
5. I have been very inspired by the show Biggest Loser. If they can do it with all of their extra weight, why am I not kicking but at the gym? I have definitely been pushing myself more!
6. I have to decorate my son's teacher's door on Monday morning for teacher Appreciation week.....any ideas would be greatly appreciated!! :) p.s. next year I am throwing away that slip that you sign if you wanna be homeroom mom before I have a chance to sign it!!
7. I am hoping I can stick with this blog thing again.....
8. I am actually getting excited for the summer (not errands in the heat) but playing on the waterslide with the boys!
9. ok so I was gonna try and think of 10 random things to post but I can't think of anything this is all you get!!!


JB said...

That's all I need. I got my Jen Blog fix. FINALLY!!! Good to have you back.

Lisa said...

LOVE IT!!! Glad to have you back. I like that you stole David's random things blogging style. I am so jealous of your floating buffet!! I know you guys are going to have a blast even though I won't be there.

OK - There is now a comment from 2 out of the 3 of your readers. Let's see if you get anymore takers!

David Yee said...

1. WOOT!
2. WOOT again!
3. you lie...he is still a baby and you know it.
5. I will admit that I am now into the show. And i to find myself working harder at the gym days after i watch it.
6. I know you think its lame, but i am glad that you do this stuff. it means a lot to tay.
7. me too.
8. i don't know how we are going to fit it in the yard.
9. stick with nine. the 10 random things is my schtik

Jen said...

yeah so my 3 blog readers are still loyal! *sarcasm*!

I am excited you are all 3 reading my blogs still but disappointed that I still have yet to receive the blue prints of what my son's teacher's door should look like!!!

Pat Ramos said...

I'm also jealous of your floating buffet in Hawaii!! I'd love to go back it's so beautiful and relaxing there. Glad to hear you are going. NO ideas for the Teacher's door, sorry I'm too far gone from those days!haha..keep blogging, there are some of us out there that just read and don't leave a message.

Jen said...

correction... I have 4 readers!! :) thanks Pat.... however I was hoping you would have a door idea for me! :) we are getting into crunch time as I should be decorating the door today or monday before school!!!! YIKES!!!

Lisa said...

HEY Here are some door ideas!!

Jen said...

thanks Lisa! I knew if I threw a big enough fit you would pull through!!! ;)

N said...

Okay, you have 5!!!! It's about time you update your blog! :)
I did the same with mine. Kind of lost interest and then re-read some and decided to start back up. We all want to know about your life Jen! I'm so happy for you and David. You are going to have so much fun.

Good to have ya back Jen!

Colleen said...

Oooh, I am here!! Decorate the door with gift cards. They don't have to be for much, but just little things here and there!!! McD, Starbucks, etc. I know it is probably more than you want to spend, but they would be soooooooooooooooo excited!!!